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Special social runs for women, trans and non-binary runners at our Manchester running club

Manchester Frontrunners introduces a series of special social Sunday runs for women, trans and non-binary runners in the Manchester area.

Women runners from Manchester Frontrunners, LGBTQ+ running club in Manchester

As a running club for LGBTQ+ people and allies in Manchester, it goes without saying that we aim to be an inclusive sports club. We feel that everyone should get to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of running in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.

As part of this mission, we’ve decided to start a series of special Sunday social runs for women, non-binary and trans runners in Manchester. These sessions aim to support connections and inclusivity in a non-competitive yet fun environment.

What happens at the social Sunday runs?

At the sessions, we'll be aiming to do around 5K, though the emphasis is really on getting together as opposed to pace or distance; as the run will likely involve laps of a park, you can do as many or as few laps as you like. Afterwards, the group will plan to go for cake or lunch at a nearby cafe. Our first in this series took place last month in Alexandra Park, and we saw both a mix of established club members, plus a few new faces!

A group from Manchester Frontrunners, LGBTQ+ running club in Manchester, standing outside cafe
Runners at our social run in Alexandra Park, September 2023

When are the next sessions?

Moving forward, we hope to continue with these runs as frequently as possible, hopefully monthly. The next two events will be taking place on Sunday 22nd October 2023 and Sunday 26th November 2023, both at 11 am and once more in Alexandra Park (due to Christmas commitments, no run is planned for December 2023).

As well as current members of our running club, these sessions will also be open to any women, non-binary or transgender runners who are interested in running with Manchester Frontrunners, but who would rather do their first run with us in a slightly more relaxed environment. If interested, please e-mail our co-chairs at Hopefully we'll see you soon!

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