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Cross Country

  • When: Select Saturdays in autumn/winter (see below)

  • Where: Various locations in and around Greater Manchester (see below)

  • What: Cross country racing

Although Manchester Frontrunners is primarily a road-running group, we also take part in cross country every autumn and winter through the MACCL (Manchester Area Cross Country League). Each MACCL season consists of five races that take place from October to February, each at a different site in Greater Manchester or its surrounding areas. It’s a fun (if muddy) team event with more camaraderie than the usual road running event, and what’s more, we have a club tradition of bringing home-baked goods along to share after the race. What’s there not to like?

Members should expect to receive details about the upcoming cross-country season in early September. For anyone interested in joining the season later on, please contact our club secretary and cross country captain Jono Guildford. The cost in 2023/24 is only £6 for the whole season.


What should I expect in a cross-country race?

Cross country takes place off-road on open or rough terrain; this is mostly grass, but may include mud, woodland, hills, obstacles and small bodies of water. All the courses are of similar length; the women’s race is a usually a two-lap 8K course and the men’s a three-lap course totalling around 9.6K. The women’s race usually starts at 1:30 pm and the men’s race at 2:30 pm.

It’s a team event, and everyone’s time can contribute to the team results (though please don’t worry about “being slow”, as the way the points work means that you cannot cause your team to do worse than if you had not taken part).


What are the exact dates and locations?  

The current provisional dates and locations for the 2023/24 MACCL season are as follows (as of 31/08/23):

All of these are easily accessible from Manchester by car, and some by public transport. Where public transport isn’t a suitable option, we can arrange car-pooling.


What should I wear?

To take part in cross country, we highly recommend that you purchase suitable shoes for off-road running (either trail shoes or spikes). In line with the rules of the league, you must also wear an official club top (i.e., a red/black MFR vest, T-shirt or long-sleeved top).


I don’t think I can make all races. Can I still sign up?

While you are entered into all five races, we realise that other life events can get in the way, so don’t worry if you can’t make them all. All we ask is that you commit to at least one race per season.

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