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Tuesday Track

  • When:  6:45 pm

  • Meet at: Manchester Regional Arena,  Etihad Campus, M11 3FF

  • What: Interval training session


Our Track Tuesday sessions are suitable for anyone that can run 5km and the main objective is to improve your speed and increase fitness through interval training, as well as to improve running form. Even if your aim isn’t to race or to get faster, it’s a great workout and a chance to socialise with other Frontrunners!

Note that our Tuesday sessions are intended for members only. However, if you are actively considering joining the club and have been to at least one of Thursday or Saturday runs, speak to one of our committee members or run leaders about trying out a Track Tuesday run.

When and where do we meet?

We use the track at the Manchester Regional Arena, across from Manchester City’s Etihad arena. We meet at 6:45 pm (we aim to start as soon as possible, 7 pm at the latest). Entry to the track costs £4 (£3 for City of Manchester residents), payable at the front desk or via the Better app (when booking on the app, choose the 19:00 block – Lane 1 and 2 Middle Distance).


What happens at a Track Tuesday session?

Our Track Tuesday sessions usually consist of five distinct parts:

  • Warm-up: jog around the perimeter of the track, plus some warm-up exercises.

  • Drills for improving running form and dynamic stretches to prepare the body for faster running.

  • Interval training, for which we normally offer two sessions:

    • Shorter, faster reps for improving your Vo2max, great for 5/10k training; or

    • Longer, slightly slower reps at lactate threshold pace, better if training for half or full marathons.

  • Core work to increase strength and help prevent injuries.

  • Stretches to cool down and improve flexibility.


Where can I store items or get changed?

There are some showers and changing facilities at the Manchester Regional Arena, though we usually turn up ready to run. Lockers are available but require a pound coin deposit to operate.

Upcoming session outlines

Below are the session outlines and leaders for the next few weeks. Notice there are interval options which have been progressively designed for members training for our upcoming club races. Please note that any session can be modified for your needs if you’re a newer runner or returning from injury – please speak to the session leader beforehand if you feel the session is a little advanced and we can arrange something.

(Note: T-pace is roughly equivalent to 10K race pace, I-pace to 5K race pace, R-pace to 1 mile race pace)

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