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On The Right Track! What members of Manchester Frontrunners love about Track Tuesday

Updated: Apr 24

While our Thursday and Saturday runs are quite straightforward group runs, the Tuesday runs at Manchester Frontrunners are a little different. These are specially planned sessions made up of five parts: a warm-up, drills, the main interval session, some core exercises, and finally some stretching. Ultimately, these sessions are aimed at improving pace and speed, and generally make for a great workout!

We asked some of the members at our LGBTQ+ running club in Manchester what they most liked about these sessions, and why they think others should try them. As you read, you'll notice a few themes...the variation, the social atmosphere, and above all, the ability to improve as a runner.

A group of runners from a Manchester running club do some running drills on a track at night
Drills: one of the components of our track session

JACQUI: I really enjoy the group camaraderie

Track is by far the most beneficial club activity for me in terms of improving my running speed, strength, and performance. It's been pivotal when training for a marathon or looking to just improve my 10K times, and its benefits have been proven in the outcomes. I really enjoy the group camaraderie on a Tuesday. While the session is structured, it's cleverly designed to facilitate interactions and support for one and other. I always feel I get to know people on another level, as despite differences in speed and ability, you're all in the same shared space.

I highly recommend track to anyone looking to improve their running, whatever the aim, be it distance or pace. I also want to bust the myth that this isn't a social space. It's the weekly club activity you're most likely to find me at.

CHRIS: I can already see the transformation in my pace and form!

I joined the club at the start of 2024, and have been coming to track sessions consistently for a few months now. The coaches and club members are always friendly and supportive, and I really enjoy the variation that interval training adds to my running routine. I can already see the transformation in my pace and form. It has improved my running time, even over longer distances!

Woman with short blonde hair wearing Manchester Frontrunners vest running on a track
Intervals: the main part of our Track session

JOE: I've gone from strength to strength across all the major distances

I really got into a routine of going to track when training for my first marathon back in 2021, and I go most weeks during marathon training blocks and at least once a month outside of these periods. Thanks to the track sessions, I’ve gone from strength to strength across all the major distances (5K, 10K, half and full marathon), not just in terms of speed, but also in terms of efficiency and more consistent pacing. You can admittedly do intervals anywhere, but doing it at track is better as it's free of traffic and an all-round more athletic environment (it's certainly far, far more enjoyable than using a treadmill in the gym to do them!).

I understand why people may get nervous about going (e.g., feeling like you're not fast enough). I certainly used to be, but it's a supportive, friendly environment, and you'll only get better. Definitely recommended.

OONAGH: Doing intervals at track on Tuesday is just...better.

I get a lot from track. I loved intervals and tempo work anyway but doing this at track on Tuesday is just...better.

No kerbs to trip on, a springy professional surface, and floodlights on dark nights are great. But also running form drills are new to me after 15+ years road running, and finishing up with core and stretch adds up to a really rounded session.

A group of runners from a running club in Manchester doing drills at a running track; summer evening
Our track sessions run year-round

BLAIR: What is great about track is that any runner can benefit from it whatever their goal or target is.

I’ve attended track on and off for various periods over the last few years. Compared to previous marathon training when I didn’t attend track, I’ve felt a real improvement this time round, and a large part of that has been attending track. For me, it has helped me improve my speed massively, which has been a target of mine. I think what is great about track is that any runner can benefit from it whatever their goal or target is. I also enjoy the social element of track, getting to chat to a regular group of people over a period of time. I would highly recommend!

Come join our running club in Manchester and try track for yourself!

Want to try our Tuesday Track sessions for yourself? While intended primarily for paid club members, we do let prospective members who have tried one of our Thursday or Saturday runs try a session. Please speak to one of our committee members or a run leader for more information.

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