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Meet the Runners: Liam

After a little break over the Christmas period, we're returning to our "Meet the Runners" series, where we get to know another of the members of our LGBTQ+ running club in Manchester. Today we chat to Liam, who got into running over lockdown and joined Manchester Frontrunners as he wanted to run among like-minded LGBTQ+ people.

A man wearing sunglasses smiling, running down a road. He is wearing a red and black vest, and multi-coloured shorts.
Taking part in our 10K race "It's a Piece of Cake 10K"!

Name: Liam (he/him)

Fun fact: I like yoga as well!

How long have you been running for, and why did you start?

Three years. I am a lockdown runner who was looking for a way to exercise during lockdown. I really enjoy the sense of achievement and mental calm.

How did you learn about Manchester Frontrunners, and why did you want to join our running club specifically?

I was specifically searching for an inclusive LGBTQ+ running club on the Internet. Not having the pressure of "coming out" and not feeling the need to adjust my authentic self was important.

What do you enjoy about being in the club?

Friendship, competition, and the improvement of my fitness with the guidance of others.

Do you take part in any races? If so, what is your favourite distance/type of race?

Yes! I like the mid-range distance of 10Ks and half marathons. I find 5Ks a bit short, but I do quite like cross country; my favourite memory with the club!

What is your proudest running-related moment?

Running my first half marathon in Leeds, which is where I used to live.

Why do you think LGBTQ+ sports clubs like Manchester Frontrunners are important?

They provide inclusive places for people to be their authentic selves. To anyone thinking of joining: come along even if you think you aren't that good! We all get a bit of imposter syndrome, but you will get better by being part of the club!

Want to follow in Liam's footsteps and join our Manchester-based running club sometime soon? We let anyone interested in running with us try a couple of our Thursday or Saturday runs for free before committing to becoming a fully-fledged member of our club. Learn more here, or contact us directly at

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